8 Dogs Who Are Definitely Guilty, But So Cute You Have To Forgive Them [VIDEOS]

The shame! (Photo Credit: YouTube)

The shame! (Photo Credit: YouTube)

Sometimes our best buddies get up to no good. They’ll step over their boundaries, sneak into the treats, tear up the garbage, or dig up the lawn. They know they’ve done wrong, and the only way to apologize is to put on a cute face, slowly lift the sad eyes, and beg forgiveness. They are guilty dogs and they can’t hide it. Who can stay mad at a pup for long? Here are some of the dogs we can’t help but pardon for their crimes.

1. Sunny Gets Accused

There’s a mystery afoot and only two suspects in the case. Who pooped in the kitchen? According to Judy the Australian terrier, it was Sunny. And according to Sunny the Chihuahua, well Sunny isn’t helping her case with that guilty look on her face. Looks like this one is open and shut, but too cute for a harsh sentence.

2. No Bull From Bull Mastiff

The French bulldog in this video is about as guilty as they come. She’s literally wearing the evidence of her crimes. And her bull mastiff buddy specifically pointed her out for the jury to see. There’s nothing left for her to do but throw herself on the mercy of the court with a sad pup face. It’s working on us.

3. The Guiltiest Dog On The Internet

If you’ve never seen Denver, the internet’s favorite guilty dog, prepare to laugh. Someone got into the cat treats, and the look on the dogs’ faces tell the tale. Denver the yellow Lab is terrible at hiding what he’s done. He can’t even look his owner in the eye. He’s ordered to a time out, but who could stay mad at that silly face for long?

4. One Of These Dogs Is Not Like The Others

Someone made a mess, and the only pups it could have been are Cody, Murphy, or Macki. But one of these dog’s guilty look is making it pretty obvious. The other pups glance over to him, as if to say, “Confession time, buddy.” But the offending pooch slinks off before the heat gets too hot. Smooth criminal.

5. Guilty Gardener

There has been some unauthorized digging going on in the backyard, and Lexi’s looking quite suspicious. The cute corgi can’t run away too quick, so she does the next best thing. She flips on to her back and shows her tummy. Being adorable goes a long way in canine court. She gets off with a light order to go back inside where she can’t dig up the lawn.

6. I’m Already In Time Out

The shame! (Photo Credit: YouTube)

The shame! (Photo Credit: YouTube)

This little dachshund knew he did a bad thing when he knocked down his gate. So when his owners came home, he already accepted his punishment and put himself in time out. As a last defense, he’s mastered the art of puppy dog eyes. He’s looking quite sorry, so we’re sure it won’t happen again. Maybe.

7. Shiloh Is The Cookie Monster

The empty cookie wrapper tells the whole story. Shiloh got into the dessert. The husky can’t face the music, so she covers her face in shame and tries to look as pathetic as possible. She looks to her dad for any kind of support, but mom isn’t happy about her spoiling her dinner. But that face is impossible to resist, so she gets off with a light scolding.

8. Caught Red Pawed

Hank the Great Dane isn’t allowed past the couch, but when the family’s not home, the rules go to the dogs. Hank’s very sneaky, making sure his owners aren’t standing outside the door, ready to burst in and catch him in the act. But the camera spies him. And when he’s confronted with his crimes, he takes off down stairs. He’s a sweetheart, though. And if you don’t want him taking food, you should put it up high where a Great Dane can’t reach. Like on the moon.

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