Rescue Worker Gives Poor Country Dog A Brand New City Life

Amanda Gossom works for the Humane Society of the United States. She assisted law enforcement, along with several other organizations, on the removal of a large number of dogs and cats that were found in a potential hoarding situation in White County, Arkansas in July of 2013.

There were almost 100 cats and dogs, that after years of neglect, were in desperate need of medical attention as well as the essentials, like food and water.

The animals were all so severely dehydrated that they needed liquid on site, before they could even be moved. Many of the dogs and puppies were so grateful for human interaction and water.

Amanda felt an instant connection to one of the sixty-nine dogs that had been removed from the unlivable conditions. Zoey had been tied to a tree for years, and as a result has a ring of scar tissue around her neck where the fur won’t grow anymore. Most of Zoey’s teeth are missing or ground down from eating rocks to survive.

Amanda got to walk Zoey around and was able to see her sweet natured personality come out. Zoey was so loving. She was happy and thrived just being in the presence of people.

Amanda called the shelter that Zoey was being housed in and told them that she wanted to pick her up that weekend.

Zoey’s life did a complete 160. She went from sleeping outside of a dilapidated farm house to pampered City Dog. Now she gets to sleep in a comfortable warm bed and go on walks and drink water and eat actual dog food.

Zoey is one lucky pup. Most rescues don’t find their furever families that quickly.

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