Changing Negative Stereotypes Of Pit Bulls

Actor Jon Bernthal (“The Walking Dead,” “The Wolf of Wall Street”) in a promotional video for The Majority Project. (Photo Credit: Animal Farm Foundation)

For those of us who know American Pit Bull Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, or Pit Bull mixed breeds, we understand the meaning of true loyalty. The Pit Bull, unfortunately, has a bad rap, and Animal Farm Foundation (AFF) is working to challenge the negative stereotypes.

AFF, the non-profit organization, created The Majority Project, a photo collection illustrating the countless Pit Bull dog parents that are no different than other dog owners. The organization’s goal is to bring a positive light on this often maligned breed.

AFF is focusing on Pit Bull breeds because purebred Pit Bulls and mixed-breed Pit Bulls are the number-one dog in the country who are discriminated against by municipal legislation that bans or restricts ownership.

They’re hoping parents of Pit Bulls will join The Majority Project by signing and submitting a photo of them with their Pit Bull dogs. Some of the photos submitted will be chosen to appear in The Majority Project public service announcement staring actor and Pit Bull dog parent Jon Bernthal. Bernthal created a video to talk about being a proud parent to a Pit Bull Terrier. The former The Walking Dead star is hoping to raise awareness for the cause.

The Majority Project with Jon Bernthal from Animal Farm Foundation on Vimeo.

“Unfortunately Pit Bull dog owners are sometimes victims to negative stereotypes that have nothing to do with how much they love their or care for their dogs,” Bernthal says. “The laws and policies that target dog owners based on their dog’s breed or appearance won’t make communities safer — holding all reckless dog owners accountable will.”

Stacey Coleman, executive director of the AFF agrees. “The overwhelming majority of ‘Pit Bull’ dog owners, who just like all dog owners, are living everyday lives with their cherished family pets,” she says. “The Majority Project will finally put an end to stereotyping dog owners.”