Doggie dream house

The World’s Most Pet Friendly House will have toys, built-in food storage, a doggie shower, and other pet-friendly features. (Photo credit: Shutterstock)

The Professor’s House, a website covering all aspects of house and home, will soon create the World’s Most Pet Friendly House in Okotoks, Alberta, with Alair Homes; a project that will promote pet ownership in Alberta while raising funds for several great causes.

This pet-themed home will be the envy of pet lovers globally. It will contain stylish pet furniture, abstract and contemporary pet art on the walls, and a room designed just for the dog of the house.

That room will be filled with the coolest pet products from around the world. “To ensure we have the best pet products available, we have partnered with more than 130 pet product manufacturers from around the world,” David Beart, founder of The Professor’s House, told DogTime. “Each has donated products. We have clothing imported from Italy, cat furniture from France, and amazing products from Canada, the United States, Germany, and New Zealand.”

Just to make your doggies jealous, the home will also have a doggie shower and built-in storage to contain pet food, pet toys, and other pet products.

Once the pet-friendly structure has been completed, it will open to the public for one month as a show home. During this time all will be invited to experience several entertaining and interactive events for the whole family.

Construction on the home starts this November, and expects to be completed over a five-month time frame with many products donated or discounted by partnering trades and suppliers. The design, construction, and decorating of the home will be overseen by The Professor’s House, and as soon as the house has been closed as a show home, it will be listed and sold. Half of the proceeds from the house will be donated among the Okotoks Pound Rescue, Canadian Kidney Foundation, Autism Assistance Dog Guides, and Behind the Smile.

“The purpose behind the pet-friendly house is to showcase a home that is constructed for the whole family, not just the people living in it,” Beart says. “It’s also about creating a well-designed and well-decorated place, and about having some fun and promoting some great causes.”

Source: The Professor’s House