Food trucks are going to the dogs

Milo’s Kitchen Treat Truck at a recent stop; these vehicles can usually be found near dog parks. (Photo credit:

In many cities across the country, you can find great places to dine — al fresco. Food trucks in New York City, Austin, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, New Orleans, and other cities known for serving scrumptious food, are dishing up a wide array of mouthwatering meals.

Loyal customers have made food truck dining a social event; many even bring their dogs with them. However, feeding our dogs people food isn’t always a good idea. Dog food is designed for dogs, and contains vitamins and proteins that your dog needs for a healthy diet.

A handful of food trucks are now catering healthy meals that dogs are gobbling up. One such company is Fido, which bills itself as “Chicago’s and San Diego’s premier gourmutt food truck serving hand-crafted, gluten and allergen-free canine cookies and doggy ice creams and frozen yogurts.”

In Austin, the Bow-Wow Bones food truck, which offers canine customers a wide array of healthy preservative-free treats, can be found roaming by the roads of Austin’s dog parks. Lara Enzor and Kim Golden, owners of Bow-Wow Bones, say they are the first mobile food truck for dogs in Texas.

Building on the massively popular food truck trend throughout the country, Milo’s Kitchen Doggie Treat Truck has been traveling to cities across the country offering healthy homemade treats for dogs.

Milo’s has made doggy dining a social event. In addition to offering real chicken and beef home-style dog treats like Chicken Meatballs and Grilled Burger Bites that are 100 percent domestically sourced meat and no artificial colors or flavors, pet parents can take a free family photo or “doggie selfie” at the lounge that is attached to the food truck. Dogs can also socialize with other four-legged friends in the backyard-style lapdog lounge.

Dog parent Ayana Todd, 32, from San Francisco, brought her dog, a ChihuahuaJack Russell Terrier mix named Dolce with her. She told Reuters, “It’s like a dog park, but a different way to socialize.”

Many of the doggy food trucks give out free samples for the dogs to try.

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