Dog passes out with joy during happy reunion with owner

Rebecca Ehalt had to leave her Miniature Schnauzer, Casey, when she went overseas; the reunion video is below.

If you had any questions about what pure happiness looks like, one Miniature Schnauzer from Pennsylvania is here to remind you.

When Rebecca Ehalt had to move overseas to Slovenia for work, she made the heart wrenching decision to leave her dog, 9-year-old silver Schnauzer Casey, behind with her family, where Casey would be most comfortable.

For two long years, Casey and Ehalt missed one another. But last week, Ehalt returned to Murrysville, Pennsylvania, where her family decided to throw her a wedding reception to celebrate her recent marriage. Finally, Ehalt could reunite with the dog she’d missed so badly while she was gone.

As it turns out, Casey missed her owner even more; in a cell phone video recorded by Ehalt’s family members, Casey excitedly runs over to her long gone best friend, wagging her tail and squealing with excitement. But as her emotions get the better of her, and she becomes overwhelmed with joy, little Casey faints, passing out in front of Ehalt (see below):

While Ehalt was initially worried about Casey, a quick trip to the veterinarian and a clean bill of health for Casey allayed any fears. Casey was just that thrilled to see her owner after so much time apart.

Ehalt’s family, including sister Rachel Abbett, knew Casey was heartsick for Ehalt, but had no way of knowing that the happy reunion would affect the little Schnauzer to the point of passing out. But the love Casey and Ehalt share has always been a deep love, Abbett explains.

“I think the video really says it,” Abbett tells

The video, published on YouTube July 24, has already gone viral, with more than 17 million views in only 4 days.

As for anyone who might try to call Casey a drama queen, Ehalt and her family want to remind everyone that two years is quite a long time.

“In fairness [two years] is fourteen years in dog years,” the caption to the video reads.