Miss Beazley, former Second Dog of the U.S., has died

A touching photograph taken by White House Photo Director Eric Draper of President George W. Bush and the Scottish Terrier, Miss Beasley. (Photo credit: Eric Draper)

Miss Beazley, second dog of President George W. Bush and his wife, Laura, passed away at the Bush family home in Texas. Perhaps the world’s second-most famous Scottish Terrier behind the former first family’s other canine companion, Barney, Miss Beazley was 10 years old when she died.

“This weekend our beloved dog, Miss Beazley, was put to rest after a battle with lymphoma,” President Bush announced on his Facebook page Saturday. “She was a source of joy during our time in Washington and Dallas.”

Always spunky and ever sweet, Miss Beazley was a gift from the President to his wife for her birthday in 2005. The Associated Press reports that Miss Beazley was named for a dinosaur character Uncle Beazley in Oliver Butterworth’s children’s book, The Enormous Egg.

President and Mrs. Bush’s other four-legged friend, fellow Scottie Barney Bush, also suffered from lymphoma, a common cancer in many dog breeds — including Scottish Terriers like Barney and Miss Beazley. Barney passed away in February 2013 after a long battle with the disease.

“She was a close companion to her blood relative, Barney,” President Bush remembers. “And even though he received all the attention, Beazley never held a grudge against him.”

The President included a sweet photo collection of some of Miss Beazley’s most memorable moments with her famous family. One particularly cute photograph, taken by Eric Draper, shows the President taking a break from the toughest job in the world and sharing some cuddle time with Miss Beazley on a couch in the Oval Office.

“She was a guardian to our cats, Bob and Bernadette, who — like Laura and I — will miss her,” the 43rd President of the United States said of the late but truly great Miss Beazley.

Sources: George W. Bush’s Facebook page, Associated Press