Dog-eat-dog campaign: Dogs Against Obama

One of the images from Dogs Against Obama, the counter to Dogs Against Romney.

Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney has gotten a lot of flack in regards to placing the family dog in a rooftop carrier in 1983 – some of it coming directly from the White House.

Dogs Against Obama, a counter to the Dogs Against Romney movement, has recently begun, and was it spawned by the revelation that the man Romney hopes to unseat in November once ate dog meat. “And away from the dinner table,” President Barack Obama wrote in his book Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance, “I was introduced to dog meat, tough, snake meat, tougher, and roasted grasshopper.” The book was initially published in July 1995.

Conservative talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh and others were quick to jump on the item. “This makes me extremely uncomfortable” Limbaugh said on April 18. “But it’s gotta be discussed because Obama’s trying to make hay out of the Romneys putting their beloved dog on the roof of the car in a kennel.”

Romney came under additional fire when it was revealed that his wife held her birthday celebration at the residence of Fred Malek. In 1959, Malek, then 22, was arrested for cruelty to animals; the charges were later dropped, as someone else confessed to the crime.

The presidential election is in November.