Puppies saved from house fire in New Jersey

Authorities are looking into why 18 puppies were living in a New Jersey home that caught fire Monday. The animals were rescued by fire fighters in Hopewell Township; the story was featured on Good Morning America.

A firefighter uses a canine mask to give a puppy pulled from a New Jersey blaze oxygen. (Photo credit: nj.com)

Of the 18 mixed-breed puppies firefighters rescued from the home, 5 were sent to emergency care and 12 went to SAVE Animal Rescue. Canine oxygen masks, which were donated to the fire department earlier this year, helped the animals recover from smoke inhalation.

The residents of the home safely escaped the blaze.

One puppy died at the scene; some reports claim that four puppies pulled from the blaze were euthanized on Tuesday because they were in such poor shape.

Rescuers claimed to have found the animals living in a 20-inch-square box in the basement of the house. Authorities are investigating the source of the fire and why there were so many puppies in the home.

The fire broke out around 8:00 p.m., but was brought under control by firefighters in approximately 15 minutes. Most of the fire damage was limited to a single room.