Dog Activities

  • From pound puppy to powder hound

    From pound puppy to powder hound

    by Carol Bryant of FIDO Friendly Magazine “There’s no sense in throwing a life away.” When Zane and Val Henning of Wasilla, Alaska, see their Cocker Spaniel, Cody, trail-blazing through the snow, this thought resonates. Cody entered the couple’s lives in the fall of 2005. “He was in terrible shape with half a left ear, […]

  • 11 ways to get moving with your pet

    11 ways to get moving with your pet

    Within each of our four-legged friends lies a naturally gifted athlete. Even the tiniest Chihuahua or pudgiest Persian possesses amazing physical abilities. Unfortunately, too many of our pets have been benched, resulting in an epidemic of obesity rivaling that of Americans. In fact, about 44 percent of dogs are overweight or obese and 57 percent […]

  • Games for diggers

    Games for diggers

    The Digger Loves, loves, loves to dig Likes to chase other small animals Likely to have terrier or dachshund heritage Top activities: Earthdog trials let terriers and dachshunds indulge their favorite talent: racing along an underground tunnel in search of prey. The American Kennel Club and American Working Terrier Association can help you get started. […]

  • Games for smart cookies

    Games for smart cookies

    The Smart Cookie Trains you, rather than the other way around Gets bored easily and expresses his ennui in destructive ways, such as chewing May come from a breed that was used to perform a job, such as herding livestock Top activities: Agility games exercise his brain as well as body. Obedience training, whether it’s […]

  • Top 5 Agility Dog Breeds

    Top 5 Agility Dog Breeds

    All breeds are welcome to participate in the sport, however those best suited for dog agility training tend to be physically active with high energy levels and a desire to please. These five breeds are frequently found at the top of the leaderboard.

  • Autism assistance dogs?

    Autism assistance dogs?

    Question: I’ve heard that dogs can be trained to help autistic kids. Is that true? Answer: In two words, Yes, but. Autism is a spectrum disorder, meaning there is a wide range of symptoms that stem from a neurological disconnect characterized by widespread abnormalities of social interactions and communication and severely restricted interests and highly […]

  • Therapy dog certification?

    Therapy dog certification?

    Question: Does my dog need to pass a test to be able to participate in animal assisted therapy? Answer: That depends on where you might be interested in visiting with your dog. Larger facilities, like hospitals, with concerns about liability and safety issues, as well as infection control, have greater needs for standards of visiting […]

  • Bored dog?

    Bored dog?

    Question: My dog and cat seem bored most of the time. How can I add some excitement to my pets’ lives? Answer: Play with your pet every day It only takes 10 minutes a day for your cat and 30 for your dog to make a world of difference. Set aside time to connect with […]

  • Basic obedience commands

    Basic obedience commands

    Obedience training for dogs and puppies

  • Games for couch potatoes

    Games for couch potatoes

    The couch potato Gives you a “Do we have to?” look when you try to take him for a run Settles right down after a leisurely stroll around the block Top activities: Walking — long leisurely ones or multiple short ones. Even couch potatoes need exercise Accompanying you on errands around town, or hanging out […]

  • Games for athletic dogs

    Games for athletic dogs

    The Jock Plays a vigorous tug of war with you, and is then ready to sprint to the dog park Is always frisking around, and sniffing out new scents and experiences May come from a breed that was developed to do a high-energy job, such as hunting or herding Top activities: Agility combines obedience with […]

  • Dog videos: Dog olympics

    Dog videos: Dog olympics

    The speed. The grace. The power. What could be more exciting than watching Olympic athletes in action? Watching Olympic athletes who are dogs, of course! As these videos prove, there are plenty of dogs who could hold their own in Beijing this summer. Water polo: A Poodle with a fierce serve. Trampoline: This Rottie could […]

  • Dog videos: Amazing dog sports

    Dog videos: Amazing dog sports

    The skill of dog athletes, and their incredible responsiveness to their human handlers, can be thrilling to watch. We’ve compiled a few videos that inspired us to head outdoors with our own dogs. Agility: A fast-paced sport that’s as fun for the spectators as it is for the dogs Musical freestyle: The sport for dogs […]

  • (Other) games for ball hounds

    (Other) games for ball hounds

    Going beyond fetch