How to include pet in my will?


What should the average person do to create a good plan for their pets?


38 states have pet trusts statutes, and if you are in one of these states you can create a pet trust for the care of your pet. The pet trust can be part of the will or in a separate trust document. In New York and New Jersey where I practice, I create pet trusts for many of my clients. And if your state is one of the few that does not have a pet trust statute, you can still have a good plan for your pet. For example, you could find a friend of family member and leave the pet and some funds for the pet’s care directly to that person in your will as a bequest. Back-ups should be selected in case the first person named is unable to take the animal when the time comes. The most important thing is to take the first step and develop a good plan for the continuing care of your animals.

For a list of pet trust statutes by state visit: State Pet Trust Statutes

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