Animal Cruelty Suspect Apprehended Through Social Media

(Photo Credit: Brevard County Sherif Facebook)

An abused pit bull starved to death in Cocoa, Florida and the person responsible, thirty nine year old owner, Joseph Raymond Frederick was no where to be found. One neighbor said that she continually heard sounds of dogs whining or dogs being injured. It is not known if any reports were ever filed.

Brevard County Sheriff’s Office turned to social media, in hopes of locating the suspect. A post was made August 9th, to Facebook depicting Frederick and his malnourished, sickly looking canine. The post got over fifteen thousand shares and reached over six hundred thousand people. It generated around fifty tips which lead to his fast capture, in a nearby hotel in Cocoa.

The power of social media got a sick animal abuser, off the streets. Chances are good that he will receive proper punishment for his crimes.

If you suspect animal abuse please report it to authorities before it is too late. You could save an innocent life.


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