Saving Tyrion: Pit Bull Saved Minutes Before Disaster

In the nick of time! (Photo Credit: Hope For Paws)

Los Angeles based animal rescue group, Hope for Paws, received a call about a stray that was loose on the freeway. Just as dog rescuer Eldad Hagar was arriving to the location, the scared pitbull, in a confused state of panic, was about to run up the 110 onramp. A car had pulled over to offer assistance and the dog immediately ran toward it in an effort to seek safety. That’s where Hagar was able to collar the injured canine. The people that pulled over just happened to be two off duty shelter workers, and were happy they could offer assistance in wrangling the stray.

He was so scared and had a bad infection. (Photo Credit: Hope For Paws)

Hagar offered the distressed dog some affection, and was then able to carry the dog to his car.

Once in the vehicle the dog was given the name Tyrion. Tyrion appears content to not have to worry about the struggles of life on the streets of Los Angeles. This gentle pitbull, wasted no time in buddying up to his rescuer Hagar. He sure looks like he is enjoying shotgun.

Tyrion didn’t feel well at all. (Photo Credit: Hope For Paws)

Once at the hospital his injuries were accessed and believed to be cause from a dog attack. An infection had set in and the poor pooch would not have lasted much longer on his own.

This sweet dog’s eyes say it all. He is a lover not a fighter. This guy belongs in a loving home.

A few days later and Tyrion had his first tail wags. A sign that he is well on his road to recovery.

Tyrion is thriving in his foster home.

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