Departing Daily Show Host Jon Stewart Is Turning His New Jersey Farm House Into An Animal Sanctuary

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Many have wondered what popular Daily Show host Jon Stewart will do when he ends his stellar 16-year run on Comedy Central this season. Last week the New Jersey native and his wife Tracey announced via a press release that they’ve bought a farm with the intention of turning it into an animal sanctuary.

Animal advocacy group Farm Sanctuary released this message:

The couple recently bought a farm in New Jersey with the intention of providing a home for farm animals rescued from cruelty, and in November, Tracey purchased Adopt a Farm Animal sponsorships for all of their Thanksgiving guests. Even the children are living the Farm Sanctuary life, with Tracey noting that “promises of animal shelter visits in exchange for completed homework are the norm in the Stewart household.”

Jon Stewart has been a long-time animal rights activist, and has frequently used his platform on the Daily Show to skewer those he felt were on the wrong side of animal rights issues. He did a scathing take-down of elephant poachers, and also took New Jersey governor Chris Christie to task for his support of gestation pig crates. Stewart has used his position to educate people about the deplorable conditions farm animals endure, and to call for a greener planet.

Tracey Stewart is a former veterinary technician with a bookDo Unto Animals slated for release in October 2015. A prominent animal-rights supporter, she also runs the magazine Moomah, which dedicated its most recent issue to living a vegan lifestyle.

The Stewarts live on a New Jersey farm with a menagerie of their own: two kids, four dogs, two pigs, one hamster, three rabbits, two guinea pigs, one parrot, and two fish – and, according to Tracey, all are rescues except the kids.

Starting an animal sanctuary is no whim for the Stewarts, who have been compassionate friends of animals for many years. Raising their two children to have respect for animals has always been a priority that they feel strongly about, and something they hope will help ensure that future generations of animals get the protection needed.

Farm Sanctuary recently named a pair of newly-adopted sheep after the couple in recognition of their efforts for animals over the years, and they will be honored at a Farm Sanctuary event this October.

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