UPDATE: Dog dragged behind SUV signed over to rescue

When DogTime.com first told you about Gotti, a 2-year-old Pit Bull Terrier recovering after being dragged behind his owner’s SUV in Buffalo, New York, Daniel Delaney Jr. was fighting to reclaim his dog from a jail cell.

Gotti’s paws were shredded after his owner dragged the animal behind his SUV. (Photo credit: John Hickey/Buffalo News)

Delaney initially sought to block the SPCA Serving Erie County from claiming ownership of Gotti, but after developments late last week, Delaney signed Gotti over to the rescue who’d been caring for the injured dog since early October.

And Gotti, whose paw pads were completely shredded in the dragging incident, is now doing so well that SPCA officials were able to clear him for adoption Monday afternoon.

A medical examination conducted Monday revealed that Gotti’s wounds are healing nicely, and the veterinarian gave the okay to finally take Gotti off of his medication.

“We’ve tried some different kinds of treatment that have worked beautifully,” SPCA public relations director Gina M. Browning told The Buffalo News. Gotti is also starting to regain mobility, Browning said.“He’s walking gingerly, but he’s walking.”

SPCA Serving Erie County Executive Director Barbara Carr said that, despite everything that he has been through, Gotti remains a sweet, happy pup, unfazed by his ordeal.

“He never even turned his head at us,” Carr said of Gotti, who has not shown any signs of aggression or nervousness since arriving at the organization. “He’s just a remarkable dog.”

Anyone interested in adopting Gotti can contact the SPCA Serving Erie County.

Meanwhile Delaney is still being held on an animal cruelty charge after failing to post his $25,000 bail.

Sources: BuffaloNews.com, YourSPCA.org