Dear Labby’s advice on unwanted, untrue remarks about purebred

Dear Labby,

I have what appears to be a purebred Doberman. I adopted her from a local rescue when she was guessed to be around six years old. She’d been mistreated and now has a very loving, comfortable life with me. But you wouldn’t believe the comments I get. I have strangers on the street scolding me for buying a purebred and yesterday a lady at the dog park said, “Next time consider a mutt. So many need homes.” I believe strongly in rescue and that’s what I did. But I’m sick and tired of self-righteous people butting in when they don’t know the story. Am I out of line to tell them to mind their own business?


Accosted by Clueless Characters Unaware that Saving Extends to Dobies

Some people manage to stay so busy jumping to conclusions, eh A.C.C.U.S.E.D.?

It seems excessive to chase passers-by down the street just to explain that there are homeless purebreds too. Soon enough, it’ll dawn on them that shelters and rescue groups aren’t exclusively for mixed breeds.

Meanwhile, who cares what they think? They’ve misread a situation and they will bear the karmic brunt of making ignorant or nasty comments. If it means that much to you, simply shrug and say, “She is a rescue” to anyone standing around.

And to fellow park-goers who want to preach, advise, or simply have a conversation about it, why not tell them what you said to me: “Blossom was rescued from an abusive situation. I can’t imagine a dog more worthy of a loving home.”

If that doesn’t work, may I suggest silk-screening your own t-shirt that reads: “My purebred doesn’t look like me because she’s adopted.