Dear Labby: gifts & puppy announcements

Dear Labby,

My wife says you need to send a present when you receive a “New Puppy” announcement from a friend. I say hogwash. Who’s right?


Dog Acquisition Necessitates Gift?

D.A.N.G., what will they think of next? New lawn mower notice? Disposable camera obituary? Hey… isn’t this why they invented Twitter? I’m guessing the announcement was sent simply to share the joys around housetraining and newly chewed shoes. Or maybe it was an excuse to show a photo of the new pup in an argyle sweater in front of his state-of-the-art doghouse.

That said, you know your greedy little acquaintances better than I do. Maybe they’re hoping for load of free plush toys. If you think some sort of acknowledgement is in order, make a donation in Toto’s honor to your favorite animal rescue group or local humane society and leave it at that.