Dear Labby: I’m jealous of a Yorkshire Terrier

Dear Labby,

When my uncle died, my elderly aunt was devastated. So she went out and adopted a Terrier with a very sad history. Groucho is a sweet dog, and I love that he makes her so happy, but my aunt has taken it too far. She spends all her time with him, pampers him, talks about him constantly, and sometimes even cancels our standing Sunday lunch so she can go walking with him. She never used to do that. Am I wrong to be jealous?


Concerned that Aunt Now Is Seemingly Escaping Normality Via Yorkie

Dear Concerned that Aunt Now Is Seemingly Escaping Normality Via Yorkie,

Yeah, you’re a little wrong.

Wait, no. They taught me at Advice School that feelings are never wrong. So let me put it this way: I’m not sure that you’re right. From what I understand, two lonely souls have found companionship and joy in each other and you begrudge them?

If the issue is that you miss spending time with your aunt, let her know how much you appreciate her company. Maybe she fears becoming a burden and just wants to give you some space — who knows. But if the real bone you’re picking, C.A.N.I.S. E.N.V.Y., is that you sense you’re being replaced by a dog, let it go. A dog can be healing and accepting and comforting in ways that even the most understanding human can’t. If you and she have had a close relationship in the past, chances are that after a little communication, it will continue.

Meanwhile, it sounds like your aunt has truly found a kindred spirit. Let them both enjoy this honeymoon.