5 Dog Breeds That Have Mythical Godlike Superpowers

The ancient Greek gods had plenty of mythical superpowers that made them stand out from their fellow Olympians. And those powers may live on in our canine companions. Dogs have the power to make us happy and fill our lives with joy and love. But some breeds just have a little something extra. The good news is that most of these breeds can be found in shelters and can be adopted. You may have heard rumors that shelter dogs have something wrong with them, but nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, here are a few breeds that show us that the epic powers of the gods can still be found in man’s best friend.

1. Pit Bulls Have The Strength of Hercules

Staffordshire bull terrier black dog pulling a rope, playing tug of war, on wooden decking.

(Picture Credit: Getty Images)

Hercules, the son of the god Zeus and the mortal Alcmene, was known for his godlike strength and ever-ranging adventures. Pit Bulls also possess such strength, and they will use this terrifying strength to knock you to the floor and cover you with slimy but adoring kisses. And if you think you can win in a game of tug-of-war with them, you have another thing coming. But even with their strength, they’re still one of the most loving, caring breeds around, especially with kids, which is why some people call them “nanny dogs.”

2. Setter Mixes Can Transform Water like Poseidon

Irish Setter Carrying Ball In Mouth While Running At Beach

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Poseidon was known to be a moody god who could turn sea foam into massive sea horses and wreck havoc on anyone who displeased him. Many Setter mixes stuck in shelters were put there because they, too, can bend and manipulate water to their wills. Humans who have adopted Setter mixes from a shelter or rescue have reported their dogs swimming furiously while spending a day at the beach and splashing their humans with gallons upon gallons of water with their paws! If you want a beach party companion, a Setter mix will lead the way.

3. Coonhounds Have The Hunting Prowess of Artemis

Blue tick Coonhound hunting in the forest

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Artemis, the goddess of the hunt and the forest, used her bow and arrow to shoot down her game. While Coonhounds don’t use tools, they too have epic hunting and tracking abilities. Just like Artemis the huntress, Coonhounds are able to use their uncanny ability to find whatever they’re looking for, like that missing shoe or stray sock of yours. Or they can actually assist in sport hunting, if that’s your game. Try to play hide and seek with a Coonhound and you’ll see their legendary abilities in action.

4. Chihuahuas Have The Messenger Skills of Hermes

Chihuahua dog running

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Hermes was a quick and cunning god who could travel between the worlds of the mortal and the divine. Because of this ability, he was known as the messenger for both humans and gods alike. Much like Hermes, Chihuahuas have the ability to transport between the world of the gods–or at least your king sized bed–back to the realm of mortals–or at least your child’s playpen. Just like any good messenger, Chihuahuas will alert you of any intruder trying to make their way into your sacred space–or, you know, the front door.

5. Rottweilers Have The Judging Ability of Hades

High Angle Portrait Of Black Rottweiler

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Hades often gets a bad rap and is confused as a personification of death, but he wasn’t a grim reaper. Hades did, however, have a fine sense of justice and fairness. Rottweilers also possess this mythical and seemingly omnipotent sense, and will protect their family from any injustice that comes their way. They’re known for taking their time and confidently feeling out strangers to get a sense of what they’re after. This makes them natural guard dogs of godlike proportions.

If you are thinking about adopting a dog from a shelter, give some consideration to the mythical powers they might have in store. At the very least, they’ll give you unconditional love that might be impossible for us puny mortals to understand.

Do you have a shelter dog? What mythical powers do they possess? Let us know in the comments below!