5 Motherless Puppies Rescued From The Streets [VIDEO]

In Los Angeles, 5 stray puppies were orphaned when their stray mama dog had gone in search of food 2 weeks prior and sadly never returned.

Thankfully a nice lady nearby made sure the puppies did not go hungry. Hope for Paws was contacted by Lucky Puppy Rescue and asked to help round up the pups.

Founder, Eldad Hagar arrived with 5 volunteers. The pups were secured into a small wooded area with fencing and one by one plucked from the thick Ivy. These puppies had never been on leashes or held by human hands. It didn’t take them long to get use to it though. They calmed down pretty quickly when they realized the humans would not harm them.

After vet checks and baths, the pups seem to enjoy indoor living just fine, and ready to find their furever home. They are available for adoption through Lucky Puppy Rescue.

Thanks for your service Hope For Paws and Lucky Puppy Rescue!


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