DogTime Review: Can The Eufy HomeVac Handheld Vacuum Help Pet Parents Fight The Fur?

Sara and eufy vac

(Picture Credit: Julia)

Has dog hair become a part of your every day life? It usually is for pet parents. I used to have a strict policy about dogs, only rescues and only dogs who don’t shed. Then came Sara.

She melted my heart and my second rule went out the window. I do what I can to combat the fur. I brush her several times a week. She has a designated blanket to sit on when she’s on the couch, and I have a Eufy RoboVac, which I can’t live without.

Thankfully, Eufy is now introducing one more item that may be useful to pet parents trying to keep a tidy home. The Eufy Handheld Vac.

I got to try out the Eufy HomeVac Handheld Cordless Vacuum to get the hard-to-reach pet fur and any other dust and debris floating around. Here’s how it worked!

What Can The Eufy HomeVac Handlheld Cordless Vacuum Do?

eufy vac with attachments

(Picture Credit: Julia)

The Eufy handheld charges on a micro USB charger, so you could even keep one in your car. When fully charged, the handheld runs for about 13 minutes. It has a two-in-one attachment for getting keyboards, corners and crevices.

eufy vac attachment

(Picture Credit: Julia)

It packs 5500 PA suction power and has a washable filter. That means you don’t have to buy new filters or make trash throwing out the old ones. One more thing I like about it is it’s sleek appearance. It looks great anywhere.

The Eufy HomeVac Handheld Cordless is available now on Amazon!

What my Eufy handheld vac works particularly well on is getting the dust that hides in that spot right behind dresser legs and in the corners and upper shelves of my closet and my stairs.

eufy brush attachment

(Picture Credit: Julia)

I can also use the brush attachment to get the dust that collects on my computer keyboard.

When I had a dinner party, I was able to vacuum up the crumbs from my table without it sucking up the table cloth.

I have leather seats in my car, and after a trip to the vet, there was a lot of hair all over. I grabbed my Eufy HomeVac and quickly sucked up all that fur. It weights only 1.2 pounds and is about the size of a bottle of wine.

Should You Get The Eufy HomeVac Handheld Cordless Vacuum?

eufy vac by christmas tree and sara

(Picture Credit: Julia)

Overall, I would say that for tidy homemakers and pet parents, this will spoil you. It makes cleaning and tidying easy and fun.

My only suggestion would be to get this baby a docking station!

The Eufy HomeVac Handheld Cordless is available now on Amazon!

Also, if you’re not familiar with the Eufy RoboVac, you can read my review.

I have two Eufy RoboVacs that I can’t live without and one in the mail. I just ordered the 30C last week for my basement from their website.

Do you have a dog who sheds? Do you combat fur with a good old fashioned broom and dustpan or vacuums? What do you think of RoboVacs? Let us know in the comments below!

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