DogTime Review: ‘Kitchen Dog’ Lifts Fido’s Food Off The Floor

(Image Credit: Beth Meadows)

Earlier this month I got the opportunity to review the Kitchen Dog, a type of floating dog bowl set for pets of all shapes and sizes. Since food bowls are a vastly important, yet overlooked, aspect of pet ownership, Chance and I naturally ate this opportunity up. Pun intended.

It’s never easy to know exactly what type of food bowl your pet may need. Diet and eating habits can, and often do, change as your pets grow. Therefore, it’s important to understand that upgrading their food bowls from time to time may be necessary. Thankfully, as your pet grows, Kitchen Dog can work with you. The product offers a wide variety of bowls which can be customized by size and color.

In fact, the entire ensemble’s color can be customized, so if you want a Kitchen Dog that matches your kitchen, they’ve got you covered!

Some Assembly Required

(Image Credit: Beth Meadows)

The product arrived surprisingly fast after ordering, which was a great surprise. Upon opening the box—something Chance was all too happy to assist with—I was happy to see that much of the setup was not going to be difficult. At worst, you might have to do some measuring to ensure the bowls hang at a height that is most comfortable for your dog. With some proper eyeballing and a leveler, you shouldn’t have too much trouble.

Everything you need for assembly is already provided for you. The only things required are to snap all of the pieces into place and determine where you want your Kitchen Dog to go!

Once set up, I immediately removed Chance’s old food bowls and filled the cups provided with food and water. He took to the new bowls very quickly and is using them still without issue. Truth be told, I’m probably more pleased with the Kitchen Dog set than he is. I love the versatility of the bowls. Both can be easily removed from the tray for washing—and yes, they are dishwasher safe—or to easily fill new water into the water tray. Being able to slide the bowls in and out of the tray slot also means that the tray itself can be easily wiped down in the event of a mess.

While the Kitchen Dog set is a little more expensive than some might be comfortable with at $49.99, I can honestly say that for the amount of traction you’ll be getting out of these bowls, they will be a sound investment. In the event that you need to replace the bowls, that can also be done from their online shop. The same goes for a replacement tray or backsplash, too!

We’ve Gone To The (Kitchen) Dogs!

(Image Credit: Beth Meadows)

If you can’t tell yet, I’m a fan of the Kitchen Dog bowls and tray product. The fact that they’re off the ground eliminates spillage or dumping by either Chance or any of us in the household. The bowls being dishwasher safe is an added bonus as well. The fact that setup and assembly is so easy means that just about anyone could get their four-legged friend started on the path to happy and healthy eating. No one wants their best friend to eat off the floor, after all!

If you’re in the market for new dishes for your best friend, I cannot recommend Kitchen Dog enough. You can visit their website and store here for more information and prices.

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The writer of this review received no financial compensation from the makers of Kitchen Dog for any opinions expressed in this article.