DogTime Review: Oxyfresh Pet Dental Gel

Dog with Oxyfresh Dental Gel

(Picture Credit: Oxyfresh)

I have three animals–two dogs and a cat–and they all enjoy giving kisses to their human friends right on the face. My dogs are Chihuahua mixes, and this small breed is notorious for bad breath. When I got the chance to test out Oxyfresh Pet Dental Gel, an oral gel that promised instant-fresh breath, I couldn’t sign up quick enough.

Easy To Use

One of the things I initially enjoyed about the gel is that it doesn’t require a toothbrush. Admittedly, I tried doggy toothbrushes in the past and quickly gave up; my dogs did not trust the toothbrush.

It was easy to pop a small amount of the Oxyfresh gel onto my finger, lure my dogs in, and then give their gums a quick rub. I ended up switching to a finger toothbrush for my own “ew!” factor, but I found it easy to rub it on with my pointer finger, and the gel transferred easily to my pups’ gums. I also attempted to use it on my cat, as it is listed as “pet” dental gel that you can use for both dogs and cats, but she was absolutely not having it. After earning a few claw marks, I gave up.

Did Oxyfresh Pet Dental Gel Work?

I did a sniff test after about a week of using the product, and while my dogs’ breath wasn’t a bouquet of roses, it was a lot less rank than it tends to be. My roommate, who also falls victim to my dogs’ kisses, said their breath still smelled to her. So it could have been partially a mother’s love covering up the offensive odors. After about two and a half weeks, however, I noticed a marked difference. Again, their breath didn’t smell minty fresh. However, almost no dog’s breath does, even after going under for a professional teeth cleaning.

The ingredients in the gel are incredibly gentle, which made me feel comfortable using it on my fur babies. The Oxyfresh Pet Dental Gel utilizes an exclusive ingredient called Oxygene, which, according to the company, “safely neutralizes it [bad breath] at the source.” It combines this bad breath neutralizer with soothing aloe and chamomile extract. It also doesn’t have a scent or taste, which makes it (relatively) easy to give to your pets.

Not Just For Teeth

I also appreciated that this gentle formula could be used in a pinch as a first aid salve for minor abrasions and cuts. I did have one instance when I used it on my younger dog Betty’s paw. My roommate walked her and panicked when Betty came back in limping, seemingly for no reason. I suspected Betty was looking for attention–she has a penchant for the dramatic–as I didn’t see any obvious cuts or burrs stuck in her paw, but I still put a tiny bit of it on there, much to her chagrin. She was bouncing around the next day as if the paw incident–whatever it was–never happened.

Would I Use It Again?

Overall, I enjoyed using this product and will continue to do so, even if my dogs are growing wary any time I grab the tube. Admittedly, any time I have taken an active role in my dogs’ dental health, my efforts have quickly waned due to their lack of will to participate. Reviewing this gel made me stick to an oral hygiene routine for my pups, and it is paying off. Periodontal disease can become a massive issue for any dog and lead to even more health issues, so it is important to be proactive about your pup’s chompers.

If you want to try out Oxyfresh’s Dental Gel, you can purchase it from their official website.