North States Pet Gate

Pet Product Review – North States Pet Gate

You may know that I adopted a new puppy this past weekend. Yes, a baby Sheltie. I love him, we immediately bonded and I plan on getting the very best of everything. Of course the first purchase I made, quite simply a pet gate. This is such an essential to every household with a puppy. So I went to PETCO and went to PetSmart because I wanted to really test the product before I made a purchase. I was surprised at how limited the selections were. I chose the pet gate by North Sates and I’ve very happy with the purchase.


Why am I happy with my purchase. Well for the same price of $39 (purchased at Petsmart) it looks much nicer than those old fashioned wood and wire frame pet gates. This pet gate from North State is made of heavy duty plastic. So, the dog is less likely to chew on the gate than the wooden version. Also, it has no screws that could fall out like they did in the past with the wood and wire version. Finally, it is MADE IN THE USA ! Can you believe it? I’m supporting the American economy too.

The gate is easy to use and easy to wash.

Both PETCO and Petsmart carry the gate, but if you go to you can buy it now on sale for $31. Here is the link:

and here are PETCO’s specific points on the North States gate:

  • Pressure Retractable pet gate immediately and effortlessly creates a barrier for your pet
  • Deluxe 26″ high gate adjusts easily to doorways 26″ to 42″ wide
  • Unique door sockets give pressure mounted Pet Gate extra holding power in doorways and openings

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