Colorful Puppy Tank Tops by Trixie + Peanut

Pet Product Review – Colorful Puppy Tank Tops by Trixie + Peanut

You know in the summer we figure our dog doesn’t need protection, its warm. They have fur to hide them from the sun. But its not necessarily true. Just like us humans your little pup needs protection from the sun and heat. Now this doen’t mean they have to stay in all day, or wear a parka. Lucky for us, Trixie and Peanut a very upscale New York retail store that specializes in the highest quality pet accessories has the perfect solution. A colorful, fancy, light weight doggie tank top.


My favorite tank in the collection is the Cosmic Rainbow tank. Its only $19 and will keep harmful UVA rays off your doggie’s back while letting him strut in style. Go to: to order yours.

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