Accessories: Holiday Gift Guide 2010

Whether you’re on the hunt for doggie bling or you’re simply hoping to keep Rover cozy this season, you’ll find your best bets below.

Customizable Pet ID Tags by Dog Tag Art

Looking for something personalized to give your favorite pet this holiday season? Check out customizable pet ID tags by Dog Tag Art. They have hundreds of designs to choose from so you will be sure to find something that fits your pets’ personality. And if not, you can upload your own image to have printed on a tag. You can’t go wrong!

Dog Tag Art


If you live in a state where the winters are blustery, Muttens are a must. These toasty, retractable fleece hand covers give provide the warmth of regular gloves, but the flexibility to poke your fingers out to do things such as pick up poop or dial a phone number on your cell phone. Even your leash fits right inside the glove, allowing for that extra control and dexterity you have when bare-handed. For the practical pup-lover.



Big Dog Bling Personalized Dog Collar by Dog Collar Boutique

The Dog Collar Boutique realizes that little dogs aren’t the only ones who deserve to be pampered every now and then. This classy collar, designed especially for big dogs, is not only durable, but comes with the option to personalize with your dogs’ name or nickname, or whatever you want to broadcast for that matter! Don’t have a big dog? That’s ok yoo. The Dog Collar Boutique has the latest trends for all size dogs, including leashes, harnesses, carriers, treats, toys and charms.

Bow Wow Bag “A Walkin’ Dog’s Tote”

This fashionable dog bag is a must have for carrying all your doggie essentials: balls, toys, nylon travel water bowls, treats, whistles, and anything else you may need. The Bow Wow Bag is your answer — and also stores waste bags (or discretely hides your used waste bag until you find a proper trash receptacle). Simply attach with the ultra sturdy velcro strap the Bow Wow Bag to any leash handle/loop and away you go.


Ruff Wear Performance Dog Gear —Bark’n Boots

These durable boots are perfect for providing traction for our dogs on the winter snow and ice and are great for hiking in the foothills and mountains in the summer. Another big winter benefit? Protection for your dogs’ paw pads from the salt and chemicals used to melt snow on the sidewalks and streets. Guard against the elements year-round with Bark’n Boots — an excellent investment in your furry ones’ feet.

Bark'n Boots