The Buddy Belt Harness For Dogs Product Review

buddy-beltJust got two new Buddy Belts for my dogs and realized that I should write a product review since I love them so much. I write this review with a lot experience since I’ve been using a Buddy Belt for well over 7 years now.

I have a Chiweenie that I adopted from the shelter. She’s shaped a lot like a Dachshund and slips out of every harness I’ve ever purchased her. In the early days after I adopted her I truly didn’t know what to do. I lived in an apartment so walks were extremely necessary. We’d start walking around the block and she’s slip out of her harness. It was scary. Something about the cylinder shape of her body and her very short little 2 inch long legs means she can pretty much slip or slide out of any regular harness. Her neck is as thick as her body and her head is very tiny compared to the rest of her. She’s just not made like most dogs and none of the harnesses at the local pet supply store worked at all. I was wasting a lot of money trying to find a harness to keep her safe.

I was now venturing to pet stores out of my city to see if they had any different kinds of harnesses I hadn’t seen before. I would take my dog Molly with me and talk to the sales people at various stores about my problem and finally one took me to the wall of harnesses and handed me a Buddy Belt. “It’s made for dogs like yours,” she told me. I could tell the minute I put it on her, that we had found something that was different from all the others.


It’s a lifesaver – literally. I’ve been using it for many years and she hasn’t slipped out once. I don’t know what it is about the shape of this harness, but she cannot wiggle out of it. It kind of looks like a bra, and slides on and off of her so that I don’t even have to buckle and unbuckle it every time. She’s gotten use to it  and helps me put it on her – I slide it around her neck and she puts her paws through the holes herself like she’s putting on a t-shirt.


Molly putting on her Buddy Belt harness for a walk

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If you have one of those dogs who seems to slide out of every harness you try, please consider a Buddy Belt. My dog has been using her Buddy Belt for well over 7 years and it’s strong and sturdy. The leather is in great shape. It will last the life of your dog – the leather just gets softer and more comfortable as the years go by (like your favorite pair of shoes).

One of the other cool things about Buddy Belts is that you can buy accessories for them and they comes in a variety of colors and textures, and you can even get one with jewels on it.


For anyone with a wiener dog, or any dog who just seems to wiggle out of harnesses, I highly recommend trying out this dog harness to see if it’s right for you and your pup.

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