Product review: Rubber Neckers

My Cavalier, Harper, has zero interest in toys, probably because our late Cavalier, Twyla, always took them away from her. But we have a couple of new dogs in our family, so when I was asked to review the Rubber Neckers chew toy by Fat Cat, I thought we might as well give them a try.

No dice. Keeper, a male Cavalier, and Gemma, a Chihuahua mix, barely even glanced at them. If it’s not food, they’re not interested.

Fortunately, I knew just the dog to call in as a consultant. Brennan, a 7-year-old Flat-Coated Retriever, who is highly active, curious, and maintains a large collection of toys.

The Rubber Necker has stuffing covered by tough canvas, a long, rubber neck, and a squeaker in the body. Brennan’s owner liked the Rubber Necker, as it was easy to throw. The dog liked it, too, immediately chewing off some of the rubber covering.

This is a great toy for dogs who like to grab, shake, and retrieve items. It isn’t indestructible by any means, but will hold up for a while. Buy them for moderate chewers who won’t take them apart in minutes.

After a couple of weeks, Brennan still grabs the Rubber Necker toy when he’s excited and carries it around…but he hasn’t destroyed it any further.

The Rubber Necker is made in China.