Cafe Press T-shirt

Café Press T-shirt

Our take: Because I’m a knitter, I bought Clint, my aging Toy Poodle, one of these “Mama is a yarn ho” t-shirts through Knitty, which uses Café Press. There are a lot of hobby-related dog t-shirts to be found online, sold through various retailers such as The Animal Rescue Site, the partner of PetFinder.

The Knitty t-shirt was a tad snug and 100% cotton, so I recommend ordering a size up from what you think you’ll need.

The dogs weigh in: Clint is never thrilled about sleeves, so I left this shirt on him all day long and put something over it during his trips outside in the winter. T-shirts, thin as they are, don’t offer much warmth. But if you’re taking your dog inside and outside, it can be useful as a bottom layer.

Cost: low

-Phyllis DeGioia

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