Work Like A Dog Day: 9 Funny Dogs Who Are Hardly Working [VIDEOS]

Dog resting on sofa with remote control

(Picture Credit: Gen Nishino/Getty Images)

August 5th is Work Like A Dog Day — a day to celebrate those of us who are dedicated, tenacious, and hardworking. Certainly that describes many dogs out there.

Plenty of dogs do farm work, police work, search and rescue work, and all kinds of other jobs, so it’s easy to see why we still use the phrase “work like a dog.”

However, most of us humans work hard so that our dogs never have to do work at all. They’re thrilled to play hard and nap hard.

While we honor those who work hard on Work Like A Dog Day, let’s also take a minute to have a few laughs at the silly, lazy pooches we love to spoil. Here are nine dogs who are hardly working instead of working hard on Work Like A Dog Day.

1. I’d Prefer Not To

Most dogs do a happy dance the moment they even hear the word “walk,” but Amos the Golden Retriever is an exception. He’s all leashed up and ready to go, but he’s not getting up for anything.

Sometimes you’re just too tired to take even one step.

2. Lazy Hungry

Deciding whether you want to rest or eat can be a challenge, but this pup has figured out how to do both at the same time.

Dieter the Husky is a rescue dog taking full advantage of being spoiled in a forever home full of love and food. He certainly deserves it.

3. Fountain Drink

There are plenty of pooches out there who love to run and play in sprinklers and fountains, but the dog in this video has figured out how to do it with minimal effort.

Why bother to spend the energy when you can just lie down and chomp the water at the source?

4. I Don’t Move For Robots

Most dogs run at the sound of the vacuum, but Gauge the puppy isn’t nearly scared enough to move from a comfy spot on the floor.

The robot will just have to go around and leave a dog-shaped patch of dust. Dogs 1: Robots 0.

5. Sheepdog

Some dogs work as shepherds and tend to livestock. But while some dogs work harder, this pup is working smarter. The pooch has a perfect vantage point to see all the sheep without having to set paws on the ground.

A nice, woolly, living cushion isn’t a bad place to spend the day at work.

6. Snooze Button

Oscar the Vizsla, like many of us, hates to have a good sleep interrupted by an annoying alarm clock. He lets out an all-too-familiar groan and whine that we’ve all probably made when the dreaded beep wakes us up.

Luckily, the noise doesn’t last for too long, so hopefully the pup went back to sleep quickly.

7. It Rolls Downstairs

We’ve had those mornings where we’re too tired to even make it down the stairs. Chaos the dog has found a way to get to the first floor while still being as lazy as possible.

The pup simply slides down the steps, rolling all the way to the bottom.

Why didn’t I think of that?

8. Playing In Bed

The Frenchies in this video are playing tug-of-war, but one of the pups has mastered the art of playing in the laziest way possible.

The dog drags the toy over to the bed and plops down, while the other pooch keeps tugging along and playing the game.

It’s a good way to wear down your opponent.

10. The Floater

This Husky is supposed to be getting some exercise with a nice swim, but why bother when you can just peacefully float along? The pup looks so comfy they might just fall asleep in the water.

This pooch is probably just happy to cool off in the pool.

Is your pup working hard or taking it easy on Work Like A Dog Day? Which lazy dog is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!