How To Host An Oscars Party For Dogs

(Picture Credit: Getty Images)

(Picture Credit: Getty Images)

A celebration of Hollywood glamour goes great with snacks, cocktails and your favorite pups! What viewing party would be complete without dogs? I can’t even imagine. Here are some fun tips to throw your 88th Annual Academy Awards straight to the dogs and make your pet feel like a star:


  • Red Carpet – Check your local fabric store for some inexpensive red fabric to roll out. You could also use red construction paper.
  • Dress to impress – Does your pup like to dress up? Well this is the night! Lots of jewelry, gloves, stuffed animal stoles, etc. The kookier the better! Remember, your dog has got to look better than all the Kardashians combined!

Activities For Dogs

  • Invite your friends over early and play puppy dress up while you watch the celebs walk down the red carpet!
  • Now it’s time for your red carpet photo opportunities! Post those pics to your favorite social media!
  • Let your dogs pick the winners! Write the names of the nominees onto pieces of paper, crumple them up and toss them in the center of the room or in a large bowl. See which one your dog picks!

Treats & Drinks For Dogs

  • Be sure to stock lots of treats for your pup!
  • A delicious cocktail for dogs is a simple brew of hot dog water cooled to mouth watering perfection and served in a bowl.
  • The best way to make this night special for your pup is to lavish them with hugs and kisses every time anybody wins anything! That’s the best treat you could give a pup.

NOTE: Remember, your dog’s ears are very sensitive, so please keep the volume at level that won’t frighten or be irritating to your pup and try to keep screaming and cheering at a level that your dog can feel comfortable with.