Exercise For Puppies?


I know jogging isn’t a good idea — what exercises are appropriate for my pup until she’s full grown?


It’s not that jogging is a bad idea; it is just too easily overdone. If you keep everything in moderation and use good sense you should be okay. Small dogs should not be asked to run with an adult for extended distances, and neither should small puppies. We worry that soft developing bones and joints may be traumatized or chronically injured with excessive exercise.

If your puppy is a normal healthy puppy and you find that he is trailing behind you during your exercise periods, then it is too much. If later that day (or the next) the pup is too tired to do normal activities you have done too much.

As far are additional exercises are concerned, start with basic obedience. I would work on sit, down, stay, and recall exercises. Retrieving games are good fun and exercise at the same time. Walking or intermittent walks with short runs (interval training) may be a good combination that will work for many ages.

Have fun, and if there are any questions regarding health and exercise, your veterinarian is a good source of additional information.