Fur Laughs: Funny, Summer-Loving Labrador Finds Out He Can Just Stand Up In The Pool [VIDEO]

Cody the Labrador loves summer because it means he’ll get to spend time in the pool. In fact, his human says that Cody loves to play splashing games!

But sometimes you just need to relax from all that doggy paddling. And as Cody finds out, standing is a lot easier than swimming!

Watch the funny, adorable Labrador in the video above find out that he can just plant his paws and take a break while still keeping cool in the summer season!

Remember To Keep Your Dog Safe By The Pool

Labrador Retriever kneeling by the pool

(Picture Credit: chendongshan/Getty Images)

If you have a pool at home, make sure you keep your dog safe. Just because your pooch is an avid swimmer like Cody doesn’t mean you can give them free access to the water without supervision.

Here are five tips for keeping your dog safe when you have a backyard pool:

  • 1. Build a fence around your pool so your dog can’t enter when you’re not around.
  • 2. Train your dog to exit the pool. If they ever fall in, they’ll know exactly how to get out.
  • 3. Get a doggy life jacket. Even experienced swimmers are safer with a life jacket.
  • 4. Get a pool alarm. This will let you know if anything, including your dog, enters your pool when you aren’t looking.
  • 5. Learn dog CPR. If an emergency happens, you’ll need to know how to help your dog.

Summer is a lot of fun, but it also presents some new dangers for our dogs. Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll have a great season by the pool with your pooch. Don’t forget to take pictures and videos if your dog does something silly in the pool like Cody in the video above!

Does your dog love to spend time in the pool? Does your dog ever stand on their hind legs in the water like this Labrador? Let us know in the comments below!

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