Dog videos: Dog olympics

The speed. The grace. The power. What could be more exciting than watching Olympic athletes in action? Watching Olympic athletes who are dogs, of course! As these videos prove, there are plenty of dogs who could hold their own in Beijing this summer.

Water polo: A Poodle with a fierce serve.

Trampoline: This Rottie could be a serious competitor, so long as he doesn’t eat the trampoline

Judo: A black belt Bull Terrier takes down his opponent

Weight lifting: Amazing feats of strength from a Jack Russell Terrier

Soccer: A JRT with moves David Beckham would envy

Volleyball: Cleo the Poodle has the looks and talent to become the next Gabrielle Reece

Okay, seriously: What about real dog sports? To watch amazing canine athletes and their handlers in action, see our dog sports videos.