Do Dogs Have A Sense Of Humor? Can Dogs Laugh?

pug laughing and smiling

(Picture Credit: Julia)

Do dogs have a sense of humor? And are they capable of laughter?

Well, there are no definitive studies on the matter to indicate for certain one way or the other; however, many doctors and researchers believe dogs do have a sense of humor and are capable of laughter.

You can probably tell when your dog is happy, sad, anxious, or mad. There are so many moods and emotions that dogs are capable of having, just like us! And there’s a strong belief in the canine world that dogs are very capable of having a sense of humor as well.

It makes sense that a dog would be capable of being funny intentionally and laughing because they exhibit so many other emotions. Why would they be exempt from humor? Here’s what you should know about dog humor.

Which Dogs Have The Best Senses Of Humor?

Experts say that playfulness is a good way to determine whether or not a dog has a sense of humor. If that’s true, here’s a list of the top funniest–or most playful–dog breeds according to American Kennel Club:

Dogs are unique and have individual personalities. A dog who’s usually pensive or serious will most likely not have much of a sense of humor.

However, a dog who’s more playful will most likely have a silly, light-hearted, personality. These dogs are little comedians and love to spread joy and bring happiness to their humans. It is their life job to make us laugh! They get joy from giving joy.

What Does Dog Laughter Sound Like?

pug laughing with tongue out

(Picture Credit: Julia)

If a dog could laugh, what would it sound like? It wouldn’t sound like a human’s laugh because dogs don’t have the same speech abilities or make the same vocalizations that we do.

However, when you see two dogs gleefully playing together, they usually make a panting sound. Some some experts believe that is considered “laughing” in the canine world.

If your dog makes noises when they feel happy, excited, and joyful, that may very well be their way of laughing.

Do you believe dogs have a sense of humor? Do you think your dog laughs or jokes around with you? Let us know in the comments below!

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