If You Love Retro Art And Dogs, You Will Love Constance Depler Original

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Are you familiar with the artwork of Constance Depler Coleman? She created unforgettable images of dogs doing un-doglike stuff and even has a website where items such as glassware, handbags, linens, coasters, canvas art and more can be purchased!

In the 1950s, a  young Constance Depler began sketching people–or rather, how she envisioned them to be if they were in canine form.

She depicted different breeds doing various human activities. Among the most well known are her works “Bar Hounds” and “Hep Hounds.”

Constance Depler Coleman’s Beloved Dog Art


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The painting above is “Hep Hounds.”

Depler soon began gaining recognition for her unique paintings and has even been commissioned by celebrities to create portraits of their pets.

Her work has appropriately amassed quite a following over the years, and her artistic subjects didn’t stop at dogs.

She created so many wonderful paintings of horses, reindeer, fishes, and pups to the absolute delight of animal lovers.  If you can find an old house or lounge with her work on the walls, that is quite a score.

“Bar Hounds” and “Hep Hounds” are actually hanging in a lounge near my house! If you find yourself in the midwest–or more specifically near Des Moines, Iowa–The Greenwood Lounge has dog art all over their walls and even a few Constance Depler Originals.

Where Is Constance Depler Coleman Now?

Constance Depler Coleman is now in her 80s, and still travels and paints. Her daughter, Amanda Voss is making sure her mom’s work remains alive and well.

Be sure to follow Depler Original on Facebook to stay in the loop on the new products and designs as they are introduced! That could sure come in handy around the holidays.

Are you a fan of Constance Depler Coleman’s art?  Which is your favorite Depler Original piece? Let us know in the comments below and tag friends who you think would like her work!

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