5 Best Fantasy And Science Fiction Books With Dogs

Dog Fantasy Books

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No matter how visually stunning movies and television have become, there’s still nothing like a good book. When it comes to the genre of fantasy, we can explore infinite worlds of possibilities solely dependent on the limits of our own imagination.

But a true bonus in the world of fantasy books is if you find a character that reminds you of your loyal and loving dog at home with you. If you’re a bookworm looking for something in the genre of fantasy where dogs play a part in the story, then you’ve come to the right place.

Here are five fantasy and science fiction books that involve dogs as characters.

1. The Iron Druid Chronicles

This series of nine novels that take place in an urban setting is written by Kevin Hearne and published by Del Rey Books.

The first book, Hounded, was first published in 2011. The story begins in Arizona where supernatural creatures of all kinds exist. The entire story is told in first-person point of view by the protagonist, Atticus O’Sullivan, who is accompanied in most of his adventures throughout the series by his loyal Irish Wolfhound, Oberon.

The pup is able to communicate with his human telepathically, which makes the story even better. If you’re looking for a long, ongoing series, then check these novels out.

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2. The Farseer Trilogy

This series is a trilogy written by Robin Hobb that follows the life of protagonist FitzChivalry Farseer, who is a trained assassin in the kingdom of The Six Duchies.

FitzChivalry, or Fitz for short, helps his uncle, Prince Verity, wage war against the Red-Ship Raiders, who attack the shores of the kingdom and take the souls of the people and turn them into Forged Ones.

Along the way, Fitz finds a best friend in Smithy, an Irish Terrier, who immediately bonds with him. The two also have a mind-sharing bond where each can feel what the other is feeling. It’s an exciting story but may have a tragic end if you keep reading.

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3. City

This is a novel consisting of several short stories that are connected. Written by Clifford D. Simak, it’s told from the perspective of dogs as they explain what happened at the end of human civilization.

The story tells of the advancements of humans and their desire to explore the universe. Before they leave, however, they give the gift of speech to all dogs on earth, as well as robots as their companions. It’s a compelling novel that is as strange as it is fascinating.

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4. Fluke

This novel was written by James Herbet and was even adapted into a film in 1995. Though the author is typically known for horror novels, Herbert’s Fluke was a departure, and a great read at that.

The story centers on Fluke, a dog, and tells the story through his eyes. But if you think the story is merely one about the adventures of a dog, then you’d be mistaken. From his early years as a puppy, Fluke is aware he’s different.

He eventually embarks on a journey to find out the truth about himself and what he was–before he was a dog. It’s a very interesting story that will make you laugh and cry with every turn of the page.

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5. Top Dog

Written by Jerry Jay Carroll, this novel has similarities to the movie, Big, starring Tom Hanks. But instead of a kid waking up as an adult, it’s an adult waking up as a huge dog.

The story centers on a high-powered corporate stock broker who’s cutthroat in his business practices and morally compromised. That is, until he wakes up from a nap and realizes he’s now a giant German Shepherd in a world full of of wizards, fairies, and monsters.

It’s a quite an adventure story filled with fantasy and life lessons we should all be thoughtful of.

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What do you think of these fantasy and science fiction novels with dogs? Do you have any other favorites that should be on the list? Then let us know in the comments below!

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