Study Says Seattle Is The Most Dog-Friendly City In The U.S. For 2019

Is dog-friendliness a factor in where you choose to live? If it is, you might be interested to know that a new study declared Seattle, Washington the “Most dog-friendly city in the United States” as of 2019.

The study, which comes from Rover and Redfin, looked at dog-friendly amenities in over 14,000 cities in the country. These included the number of dog parks, the cities’ walkability, and how often the word “dog” appeared in real estate listings.

With all the facts considered, Seattle earned the top spot!

One of the points that pushed the city to the number one rank is its open areas for dogs to roam off leash. The city has 14 of these areas for pooches to run free.

If You’re Looking For A Dog-Friendly Place To Live

Man and woman sitting on park bench with dog on leash.

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Dog friendliness has an increasingly important role in where new home owners are choosing to live. Not long ago, DogTime reported that millennials, in particular, consider their dogs when buying homes even more than their plans for marriage or having children.

If you’re looking to change your living space, maybe you factor in dog amenities like nearby vet offices and doggy daycares more than good schools and playgrounds.

Seattle might look like a pretty nice place to settle down with your canine family. However, there are plenty of other dog-friendly cities to choose from. Chicago, Illinois earned second place in the ranking of dog-friendly cities, and Denver, Colorado came in third.

DogTime also has its own ranking of dog-friendly U.S. cities, so check that out if you’re looking for more options.

How To Make Your City More Dog Friendly

A hipster couple in their 20s get their food to go from a food cart. Their pet dog is very excited to eat also. They are crouched down with her and affectionately patting and hugging her.

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If you aren’t planning a move soon but would still like your city to be a little more dog friendly, there are a few things you can do that might help.

Here are a few things you can try:

  • Encourage dog rescue. Get your neighbors interested in adoption. The more dog owners in your area, the more people will be around who support dog-friendly amenities.
  • Walk your dog. Simply by being outside and active, you might encourage your neighbors and community to appreciate pooches living nearby. Remember to be respectful, socialize your dog, and pick up after your pooch on your walks.
  • Challenge breed-specific legislation. Did you know some places have legally banned certain dog breeds? Check and see if these laws exist in your area. If they do, vote for local representatives who will work on repealing these unfair laws.
  • Petition for more dog-friendly spaces. Does your city have enough dog parks? If not, consider petitioning your local government to designate more of these areas. Get your neighbors and other local dog owners involved.
  • Offer pet services. Are you an amazing dog walker? Pet sitter? Groomer or vet? Consider doing business in your community. When you offer dog amenities, more dog owners might move in and support your business.

How else can dog owners make their communities more dog friendly? Is dog friendliness a factor in where you choose to live? Let us know in the comments below!