Earth Hour: 4 Things To Do With Your Dog While The Electronics Are Off

Dog Earth Hour

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Earth Hour for 2020 will commence on March 28th from 8:30 PM to 9:30 PM in each time zone. Sitting in the dark for an hour might not sound like a lot of fun at first, but it can be–especially with your awesome pooch to keep you company!

There are many ways we can do our part when it comes to helping the environment–simple things like recycling your cans and bottles, volunteering to clean up your neighborhood, or even trying to conserve energy at home. If you’re environmentally conscious or just concerned about the planet, then you might have heard about Earth Hour.

In 2007, the WWF organization, also known as World Wildlife Fund and World Wide Fund for Nature, started a worldwide movement that encouraged businesses and communities alike to turn off their lights for one hour to promote awareness of conservation.

It’s a symbolic gesture that started in Sydney, Australia and now involves at least 7,000 cities in more than 100 countries. You can participate, too, and it’s a great time to turn off distractions, bond with your dog, and show commitment to helping the environment.

Here are four things you can do during Earth Hour with your dog.

1. Reading Is For Everyone

Labrador mix dog read a book at the evening

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Is there a book you’ve been wanting to finish or catch up on but haven’t had the time for it? Earth Hour might be a perfect chance to do that.

Finding a nice cozy spot in your home and cuddling up with your pooch sounds relaxing enough. Some well placed candles can help you finish those chapters you’ve been wanting to read, or you can even read in front of a fireplace if you have one.

Reading aloud to your pup might also be as relaxing for them as it is for you. Because let’s face it, who doesn’t love a good bedtime story?

2. Fetch At Night

Dog Earth Hour 2

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Depending on how dark it gets in your area, you might not feel safe walking outside even with your dog beside you. If you have a backyard, there’s always something you can do to pass the time with your pup. Whether it’s a frisbee, a ball, or even a stick, your dog can have the time of their life in the dark playing fetch!

Dogs can actually see better in the dark than we humans can, so chances are good that they won’t even need lights to play.

That said, you should still have a flashlight for emergencies. During the day, make sure the area in your backyard is clear of clutter or holes your dog might run or fall into. You don’t want to spend Earth Hour at the nearest emergency vet clinic.

3. Meditation With Your Pup

Kihei, Maui, Hawaii, USA

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Earth Hour can offer a quiet moment for you and your pooch. There are always so many things that can go on during the day and many stresses that might accompany them. This is a chance for you to just relax and take a deep breathe.

Meditation doesn’t always mean you have to sit in a certain position and hum until you find your Zen. Sometimes finding your peace is just sitting in a candlelit room with your pup and enjoying the silence.

Having a chance to really bond with your dog by petting them and allowing them to cuddle up next to you can put you in a great meditative state that can relieve tension and even lower your blood pressure.

4. Take A Nap

Dog Earth Hour 3

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All the lights are off anyway, right? During Earth Hour, not only will you be turning off your lights, but most of your electronics will go dark, as well. That means the television, your computer, and maybe–hopefully–even your phone.

You might’ve had a long week, so some extra winks might do you and your dog some good. Turning in early will even give you a chance for a good head start into the next day where you and your dog can go on a morning hike together.

Earth Hour is a great way to make a statement that you are committed to an eco-friendlier planet. It is also a great way to be one with nature and bond with your loving canine as well!

Will you be doing any of these things with your dog during Earth Hour? What other activities can pet parents and their dogs do without electronics? Let us know in the comments below!