We Get The Scoop On The Dog Cafe Trend With Chateau Le Woof

Cat cafes are everywhere these days — but now we’re beginning to see dog cafes pop up on the scene. Chateau le Woof is a new spot in Queens, New York City, that combines serving up top notch La Colombe coffee for humans with facilities and services for the local canine community. The venture is the brainchild of Natassa Contiti, who says the concept is all about “making it convenient to drink coffee with your dog.”

Dog Cafes are a trend that’s starting to grow. “There’s a place in Manhattan and a place opening in Philadelphia and a couple of pop-ups in LA,” says Natassa. “They’re 100% taking off like cat cafes — if not more so.”

Here’s all you need to know about Chateau le Woof and the dog cafe scene.

How Are Dog Cafes Different To Cat Cafes?

(Picture Credit: Chateau Le Woof Instagram.)

“Cat cafes have cats that live in the cafe and you pay an admission to go in and play with the cats, but dog cafes are a place where you come in with your dog and hang out with your dog,” says Natassa.

She adds that the energetic nature of dogs means that they usually want to play — which winds up forcing owners to talk to one another. “More often than not, a human will ask another human what their dog’s name is which helps break down barriers and forms friendships through their dogs.”

How Do You Design A Dog Cafe?

(Picture Credit: Chateau Le Woof Instagram.)

Dog cafes usually feature a coffee bar where you can place your order and another separate area where dogs can play and frolic. The two areas are divided by a clear window so you can watch the pups while waiting for your brew.

“It’s not a boarding situation,” explains Natassa. “We want people to experience the space and interact so you don’t have to leave your dog outside on the street.”

Serving Up Doggie Treats And Tea

(Picture Credit; Chateau Le Woof Instagram.)

“We have tea for dogs, baked goods for dogs, ice cream for dogs, lots of dog-friendly bakery themed goods, plus we have bone broth and goats milk,” says Natassa, running through a list of treats and refreshments that Chateau le Woof offers its canine patrons. The tea served up is an herbal blend that includes lavender for its calming properties.

The Chateau le Woof kitchen is also at work refining a signature house-made dog ice cream — which technically can also be consumed by humans.

Dealing With Rowdy Canine Customers

(Picture Credit: Chateau Le Woof Instagram.)

When it comes to dealing with over-excited or rowdy canines in a dog cafe, Natassa says it’s important to always have someone on hand who can monitor the situation. “We also have the same rules as in a dog park,” she adds. “So there’s no unneutered males in the off-leash area and we also do off and on-leash times.”

Do You Need To Own A Dog To Visit?

(Picture Credit: Chateau Le Woof Instagram.)

Non-dog owners are totally welcome to check out dog cafes. As Natassa puts it, “Coming here just makes someone happy: They come in and get pure joy, like I could be having a bad day and come down to play with a puppy or pet a little nugget and it’s just peace.”