5 Ways To Help Your Dog Adjust To ‘Back To School’ Month

dog sitting next to "back to school" message on blackboard

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August is Back To School Month, and the season for school starting up again runs all the way into September.

The long summer days are slowly getting shorter and discount retailers are putting out notebooks, pens, and calculators. If you have kids, you attend school, or you work in a school, the next couple of weeks can be filled with a small amount of dread.

Children aren’t the only ones affected by the beginning of the school year, however. Your dog is just as affected by your kids–or your–absence after having you all to themselves for the past few months. Dogs are pack animals and having a good chunk of their pack go missing can be stressful.

Here’s how to make the school year transition as anxiety-free for your dog as possible.

1. Start Adjusting Your Schedule Now

If you and your family have adopted a laissez-faire sleeping schedule, the sudden introduction of a rigorous, alarm-bound one will be rough on everyone in your household, including your dog.

Start adjusting your sleep schedule early, and tweak it little by little until you are in school mode. This will not only help ensure that your dog is used to commotion earlier in the AM, but also help them adjust bathroom breaks accordingly.

2. Give Your Dog A ‘Scents-itive’ Bed

boy holding dog in bed

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If your dog is particularly attached to one of your children–or you–grab a blanket or used shirt and add it to your dog’s bed set-up.

Dogs’ sense of smell is much keener than ours, and the familiar scent may help with any separation anxiety.

3. Stay Active

dog and girl with book

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During the summer, chances are good that your kids kept your dog pretty physically active running around outside. Keep the physical momentum going by taking your dog on longer, brisk walks early in the morning or by being a kid yourself and playing out in the backyard.

The physical activity is mentally stimulating for your pup, too, and a great distraction if they seem distraught at the sudden loss of their play pack.

4. Spoil Your Pup

dog watching boy take notes and study

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It seems like there are a myriad of excuses to spoil your pup, and back to school time is as good of a time as any.

Get your dog a new toy that requires a little bit of mental stimulation, like a toy that gives out treats once they solve a small puzzle. Give them long belly rubs and snuggle with them while you have your morning coffee.

Giving your dog this extra attention can help keep both your mind and your dog’s mind off the fact that the kids aren’t around during the day anymore.

5. Add A Pet

dog next to book and school supplies

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If your time and budget allows it, adopting another pet, whether it is a dog or a cat, may be a good way to keep your dog occupied and less lonely.

It goes without saying, but just to reiterate: getting ANY pet is a decision that should be heavily weighed.

If adding another pet to your one dog household seems like a good idea, start introducing your dog to other dogs and cats to see what their play style is, so you can find the perfect playmate for your pup.

Does your dog experience anxiety as soon as school starts? What do you do to help your pup through the back to school separation anxiety? Let us know in the comments below!