5 Ways Having A Dog Makes You More Attractive

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We dog lovers don’t need another reason to have furry family members, but one of the many perks is that having a dog makes you more attractive. In fact, science proves it!

A research team led by a University of Nevada-Las Vegas anthropologist named Peter Grey tested a few hypotheses about pets and dating.

The study found that 35 percent of women and 36 percent of men were more attracted to someone because they owned a pet, 64 percent of women and 49 percent of men were more attracted to someone who owned a rescue animal, and 75 percent of women and 54 percent of men said they would not date someone who did not like pets.

Oh, and by the way, Match.com data shows that dogs are overwhelmingly the sexiest pet a guy can own.

Why does having a dog make you so dang sexy? Well there are a few things about your personality that owning a dog indicates to potential mates. Here are five ways having a dog makes you more attractive than a non-dog owner.

1. You Know About Commitment

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Dogs take time, patience, and a level of commitment that shows you’re willing to work hard for what you care about.

You need to be responsible to train and take care of a pup. It doesn’t matter how late you want to stay out at night because your dog needs you to come home, take them outside, give them food, and provide love and attention.

If you can bring that level of commitment into a relationship, it shows that you’re loyal and tenacious.

2. You’re More Active And Healthy

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Studies show dogs reduce the effects of anxiety and depression, cut back the risk of heart attacks, and relieve stress, making you an overall healthier person.

They also require exercise, which means you have to be active with walks and play time. As a dog owner, you probably get out in the fresh air more often, you’re more physically fit, and you’re less stressed than if you didn’t have a pooch in your life.

These make for very attractive qualities in a mate.

3. You Have Empathy

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Research by psychologist Robert Poresky of Kansas State University shows a correlation between attachment to a pet and higher levels of empathy.

Dogs are great at reading human emotions, and they know when to provide us with love and comfort and when to share in our happiness. Their unconditional love is one of the best ways for us as humans to learn how to show love to others.

We become better at reading nonverbal cues, we become better listeners, and we learn how to respond to the feelings of the people around us. In short, empathy makes you better at relationships.

4. You Can Take Care Of Others

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Dogs require a lot of care, more care than cats and most other pets. Being a good dog parent is an indicator of responsibility, a quality which tends to carry over into being a human parent.

Mates, especially women, according to researchers, look for a man who would make a good father and provider. Even if you don’t intend to be a parent, being a caring person who can put someone else’s needs ahead of your own is an important quality.

Having a dog can demonstrate to a potential partner that you have what it takes to be considerate of their needs.

5. You’re More Social

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A study from Tufts University’s Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine found that people who were strongly attached to their pets also felt more connected to their communities and relationships.

Dogs basically force you to be social. They don’t wait for an invitation to introduce themselves to your neighbors as you walk past, or to sniff other dogs, or to give you adventures and stories to share with the people around you.

They not only give you an excuse to talk to others, they give you something to talk about, too. You end up meeting people you never would have met otherwise, and you become a more outgoing person.

This helps you be more open and communicative in relationships, and that’s one of the keys to maintaining a romantic partnership.

How else does your dog make you more attractive? Do you find yourself more attracted to people who have dogs? Let us know in the comments below!