7 Ways My Big Dog Acts Like A Little Lapdog [VIDEOS]

Chihuahua on Great Dane's back

(Picture Credit: Getty Images)

If you prefer a big, slobbering Saint Bernard to a tiny, yappy Chihuahua, you probably know that big dogs seem to have no concept of size.

They never quite grow out of being your puppy, and they act more like lapdogs than most little dogs do, but that lack of self-awareness is one of the things we love most about our big pups.

If you’ve got a big dog at home, maybe they’d appreciate taking a nap on this nice, big bed!

Here are seven ways my big dog acts like a lapdog.

1. Sitting On My Lap

Lapdogs are pretty much known for sitting on laps, but my big dog seems to be trying his hardest to take that title.

Like the Great Dane in the video above, he’s always ready to jump up for some attention. It doesn’t matter if the lap is too small for him to fit, he’ll make it work.

2. Being A Big Scaredy Cat

You’d think being a bigger dog would come with some extra courage, but not for my big pooch.

It doesn’t matter if he’s 20 times the size of a smaller dog or even a cat, like the pup in the video above. In his mind, he’s just a little guy who doesn’t want to cause trouble.

All he’d have to do is bark once and no smaller critters would mess with him, but he’s just too sweet for that.

3. Taking The Small Bed

When it comes to picking a place to nap, you’d think my pup would take the big doggy bed. For some reason, he just wants to steal his smaller brother’s cushion instead.

Like the dog in the video above, he doesn’t seem to care that he’s hanging off the sides because he really believes he’s just a tiny pup in need of a tiny bed.

4. Pretending Not To Be Heavy

It took quite a bit of training before my big dog realized he’s too heavy to be standing on tables and furniture that can’t support his weight.

He still hasn’t realized he’s probably going to suffocate his human relatives who come to visit when he sits on them.

Big dogs like the one in the video above just always think they’re light as a feather.

5. Trying To Fit In Tight Spaces

Why does my big dog think he can fit in his smaller brother’s crate?

Big dogs clearly have no sense of space. Like the pup in the video above, they think they can wiggle their way into tight spots, but reality is tough.

My dog has plowed his way through many narrow areas between furniture, slightly opened doors, and even between people’s legs in his quest to fit through the smallest places.

6. Wanting To Get Picked Up

I held my dog as a puppy, and he loved it. Now he’s a lot bigger, but he still wants to be the puppy.

Like the dog in the video above, he can’t be held enough. Meanwhile, my back is aching and my legs are giving out, but it’s worth it to make sure my big dog feels the love.

7. Jumping Up For A Greeting

The military dog dad in this video is able to handle his Great Dane jumping up for a greeting, but if I don’t do some fancy footwork when I walk through the door, I’m likely to get knocked on my butt.

Big dogs don’t care that they’re capable of taking you down. When they want to show their love, there’s no difference between them and a lapdog.

Do you have a giant pooch at home who doesn’t know their own size? How does your big dog act like a lapdog? Let us know in the comments below!

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