Earth Day: 7 Ways To Get More Eco-Friendly With Your Pup

April 22nd is Earth Day! Earth Day serves as a reminder to be kinder and more mindful to our Earth. Whether that means using less water, turning off lights, or carpooling, there are simple ways to help the environment. However, going green doesn’t just apply to us, it also applies to our dogs. If you want to live a greener life, it’s important to include your dog or dogs in the process. In honor of Earth Day, here are seven eco-friendly products that will help you and your dog live a more eco-friendly lifestyle and help protect our home planet.

1. Waste Bags

While it’s common for people to just use a regular plastic bag to pick up dog waste, it can actually be harmful to the environment. When you throw out that doggie bag, it ends up in a landfill where it could take hundreds of years for it to biodegrade by itself. In addition, the waste then cannot decompose naturally if stored inside a plastic bag. The best solution to help our environment is to buy biodegradable dog bags. Also, remember you should always pick up your dog’s waste no matter what, firstly because it’s the law, but secondly because it can pollute our water with diseases such as E.coli and salmonella.

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2. Recyclable Toys

Our dogs love all things toys; there’s no denying that. While you probably already have plenty of toys around the house, you should consider adding some recyclable toys to your dog’s toy collection. Not only will they reduce your impact on the environment, but your dogs are sure to love them. This video gives you a few examples of great eco-friendly dog toys, such as a frisbee made with all natural dyes that is ethically sourced and even elk antlers, which naturally shed, so they’re completely safe and earth friendly.

3. Cooling Pad

Not only is this cooling pad from a great product that every dog owner should have, but it’s even greater because it happens to be eco-friendly. This is the perfect item to get for those hot summer days when your dog cannot stop panting and nothing seems to be able to cool them off. The cooling pad works when pressure is added. When your dog lies down, the cooling effect takes place immediately. The pad even automatically recharges itself after a short period. The pad requires no water or electricity, so even if there’s a power outage because of the heat, your dog will still be able to stay cool.

4. Washable Dog Diapers

For people with seniordogs, dogs with disabilities, or dogs that are potty training, these reusable and washable diapers are the perfect solution. Not only do they save you money and the hassle of having to restock diapers every week, but they are also an eco-friendly solution that helps stop the piling up of diapers in landfills. The microfiber diapers are highly absorbent and can hold up to seven times their weight in liquid, meaning they do not require a disposable pad like many diapers on the market. They are also adjustable to dogs of any size.

5. Recycled Bike Tube Collars

Cycle Dog was started in 2009 after Lanette Fidrych, who is a devoted bike rider, kept getting flat tires. She didn’t want to have to keep throwing out the old bike tubes, so she decided to make dog collars, which then turned into a whole business. Not only are the collars long lasting and durable, but they are a great way to reduce you and your dog’s carbon footprint. The company also has a range of eco-friendly products from toys to beds on their website. Something as small and simple as buying a dog collar can still have an impact on making Earth a greener world.

6. DIY Recyclable Toys

While there are plenty of recyclable toys on the market, a fun way to go greener is a DIY project. This video shows you how to use old jeans and t-shirts to create pull rope toys for your dogs. While you can, of course, buy eco-friendly products, which is a great way to be more environmentally friendly, DIY projects are great because you can use products that you would otherwise throw out or give away that might end up in a landfill for years. Plus, your dog will appreciate the extra effort you put into it!

7. Environmentally Friendly Pet Food

When you buy dry food, the packaging is not always eco-friendly. Purina One Beyond made it a mission to make its dry food packaging completely recyclable. The idea was to make it more than just about the food and the nutrition aspect, but also how to make the whole process more sustainable. The big breakthrough was the bioplastic lining the inside, which comes from corn. On a lot of dog food packaging, this is not always biodegradable, so it’s a huge step forward.

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How do you and your dog live a more eco-friendly lifestyle? Let us know and leave a comment below!


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