Check Out These Stylish Dog Collars To Show Off Your Pup’s Personality

Dog Looking Up While Standing At Beach Against Sky

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Accessorizing your dog with a fun and eye-catching collar is a great way to show off your dog’s fashion credentials. Choosing a collar that matches with your pooch’s personality is also an easy way to let the world know just what sort of a canine they’re marveling at.

Just remember to properly measure your dog before ordering a collar! Make sure to get the right fit for your pup.

Here are five super stylish dog collars that will show off your pup’s personality in the most vibrant fashion!

1. An LED Dog Collar

glow collar

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An LED dog collar lights up, which allows your dog to stay safer during walks and be better seen at night.

The top selling Nite Ize NiteHowl brand produces an LED dog collar that’s available in a range of five colors, including glowing green, beaming blue, and sparkling pink.

Don’t worry about sizing issues, either. This LED collar can be easily cut to size at home so that it will comfortably fit almost any dog breed out there!

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2. A Personalized Dog Collar

dog collar

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Even the most fashion-forward dog collar is a mutually convenient marriage of form and function. So why not add your canine’s vital ID information directly to their collar?

Available in a mix of five base colors and 14 personalized thread options, this collar from GoTags is crafted from premium nylon and can be easily kept clean in the washing machine.

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3. A Camouflage Dog Collar

Camouflage Dog Collar

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Bring a touch of the outdoor wilderness to your normal daily walking route by kitting your dog out in an snappy camouflage patterned collar.

Produced by Pet Champion, the camouflage collar is also a perfect match for a complimentary line of leashes.

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4. A Reflective Dog Collar

Reflective Multi-Colored Stripe Dog Collar

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Get ready to light up the block on your next evening stroll with a reflective dog collar.

Blueberry’s chic collar includes woven 3M reflective stripes that add an extra layer of safety and visibility during night walks. It’s also available in a range of over ten different color combinations, meaning you can accessorize seamlessly with your dog’s favorite foppish outfits!

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5. A Leopard Print Dog Collar

Leopard Print Dog Collar

(Picture Credit: Frisco via

Finally, go bold and show off your pooch’s flamboyant side the next time you’re at the dog park with a daring leopard print dog collar!

Frisco’s leopard print dog collar incorporate the brand’s Ultra-Weld™ seal, which fortifies the collar so that it can withstand seven times the usual recommended weight for each size.

Beyond the collar’s durability, the safari-style accessory can also be paired with a matching leash.

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What sort of stylish dog collar have you picked up for your pooch? Does it show off your dog’s personality? Let us know in the comments below!

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