Check Out These Water Fountains To Keep Your Dog Hydrated Through Summer

a funny pit bull dog drinking water

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When the hot and humid summer months come around, it’s important to balance enjoying the sunshine and warmer weather with making sure we stay properly hydrated. This is doubly so with dogs because overheating can bring about exhaustion, heat stroke, or even more serious conditions.

Water fountains can be a fun and effective way to encourage your canine to take on enough water, and there’s a range of fountains available to make sure you can select one that fits comfortably into your home decor setup.

Here are five water fountains that will help keep your dog hydrated through summer.

1. A Free-Falling Fountain

Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain

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The free-falling nature of water fountains is one reason why they can be more tempting for dogs to drink out of than their usual bowls full of stagnant, sitting water.

Drinkwell’s Platinum pet fountain can accommodate 1.3 gallons of water, and you can adjust the speed and rate of the water flow to suit your dog’s drinking habits.

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2. A Quiet Water Fountain

 Pet Fountain

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Sometimes, water fountains can make a constant noise that might distract you while you’re working or relaxing. For those with more sensitive ears, a water fountain that’s been specifically designed to keep quiet is the solution.

Cat Mate’s pet fountain utilizes an isolated pump system to minimize noise, while it also features multi-height drinking compartments to allow your pet to pick and chose exactly where they’re getting refreshed.

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3. A Stainless Steel Water Fountain

Steel Pet Fountain

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If you’re not into the look of plastic water fountains, consider picking up a stainless steel water fountain as an alternative.

The Drinkwell brand’s stainless steel water fountain can hold up to a gallon of water, includes rubber feet to increase stability, and you can throw most of it in the dishwasher for quick and easy clean ups!

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4. A Multi-Tier Water Fountain

Multi-Tier Pet Fountain

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Not all dogs clock in at the same height, so if you have a couple of different sized pooches living with you, look into a multi-tier water fountain.

This way, each dog can get their drinks in at the same time and benefit from sipping at a comfortable and convenient height.

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5. A Mini Water Fountain

Mini Pet Fountain

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If your living space is on the compact side of things, a mini water fountain can be a smart space saver.

This bijou device from Drinkwell can still handle 40 ounces of water, but its smaller design means you can add it to studios and apartments where every square inch counts.

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Do you have a favorite water fountain that your dog absolutely loves drinking out of? How do you make sure your pooch stays hydrated through the hot summer months? Let us know in the comments below!