5 Items To Keep Your Dog Busy While You’re On Conference Calls

Women at home during pandemic isolation have conference call, pet dog is with her

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Many of us are spending at least part of our working-from-home days taking video conference calls. Speaking to co-workers and clients via apps and calls is a safe and efficient way to go about your business or enjoy a virtual happy hour with friends.

But what if you live with a particularly chatty or attention seeking dog? How do you keep your canine from taking over your conference calls?

Check out these five fun and smart products to keep your dog busy while you’re on conference calls!

1. A Puppy Dog Toy


(Picture Credit: KONG via Chewy.com)

Young pups often like to be especially active and sociable, which can make them extra fun to be around during play sessions. But they’re not always the most appropriate work-from-home buddies when you’re taking calls.

Luckily, KONG makes an all-natural rubber toy, customized to help encourage appropriate chewing behavior in puppies. And you can also hide treats inside it for a bonus surprise!

You can get it on Chewy here!

2. Dental Dog Treats

dental treats

(Picture Credit: Starmark via Chewy.com)

Sometimes, the easiest way to keep our beloved dogs quiet and calm is by doling out a few treats. So why not make sure you’re taking care of your pup’s teeth at the same time by selecting treats with extra dental care benefits?

Starmark’s Everlasting chicken treats are shaped in a challenging way that can help remove tartar, along with providing a level of mental stimulation for your pooch as they figure out the best way to enjoy their chew session.

You can get it on Chewy here!

3. A Hide And Seek Toy

Puzzle Dog Toy

(Picture Credit: Frisco via Chewy.com)

Most dogs love to play games of hide and seek with their favorite objects. So next time you’re about to dial in to a video conference call, consider using Frisco’s plush hide and seek puzzle toy to divert your canine’s attention away from the screen.

The toy has been crafted to resemble a volcano, and you can hide the family of six plush dinosaurs inside to keep your pooch busy!

You can get it on Chewy here!

4. An Interactive Dog Bowl

Feeder Interactive Dog Bowl

(Picture Credit: Outward Hound via Chewy.com)

If you want to up your doggy snack game, try adding an interactive dog bowl to your home. This way you can ensure that your resident pooch needs to spend a little time working out how to best get to the treats before scarfing them down.

Outward Hound’s interactive dog bowl comes in super small and regular sizes, and you can throw it in the dishwasher for quick clean ups.

You can get it on Chewy here!

5. A Hide And Seek Box Toy

box toy

(Picture Credit: Frisco via Chewy.com)

Many of our pets can’t resist the allure of playing with the cardboard boxes that our packages get delivered in, so why not pick up a dog toy that playfully resembles one?

Frisco’s hide and seek box toy has been designed to look like the classic Chewy cardboard delivery box, and it comes complete with rope, bone, and ball toys to bring variety to play sessions.

You can get it on Chewy here!

Do you have a great toy that keeps your dog busy while you’re taking conference calls? What other items always keep your pup occupied? Tell us all about them in the comments below!

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