Washable Wee Wee Pads Will Save You Money

Image of product as you would see it on Amazon. Washable pads inside their packaging.

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I do a lot of dog rescue work and use to go through a lot of wee wee pads.

It felt horrible to fill my trash can with disposable potty pads so one day I decided to do an internet search to see if there were any other options for someone like me. That’s when I found these Simple Solution Large 2-Pack Washable Training and Travel Pad on Amazon. I ordered a few to give them a try. Five years later, they are the only pads I use.

It’s basically like any other bed wetting pad you might get for a child’s bed, but these are tan and have cute little paw prints on them instead of the bright white color of the disposable pads. When someone goes pee on a white pad you see that yellow circle of pee right away and I hate that. With these pads you see a slightly darker area, but it’s not nearly as obvious or unsightly.

Depending on how often your dogs go potty, you may want to stock up and order a few. I have 6 of them and simply rotate them as needed, tossing the used pad into the washing machine and lay out a fresh pad. It’s great for when I go out of town and even my dog sitter told me that he liked them a lot more than wee wee pads last time I went out of town.


They are sold in packs of two and two large Simple Solution pads will cost about $16 if you have Amazon Prime. That’s cheaper than a pack of wee wee pads and will last a lot longer. I’ve saved so much money since I switches over.

Washable wee wee pad sitting in corner of room on hard wood floor.

(Photo Credit: C.J. Arabia)

How Do They Hold Up?

I have been using these training pads for 5 years and other than some slight fading, which is expected considering I have washed them hundreds of times with bleach, they are in great shape. I’ve been using these pads for years and they have no odor to them. You can see they are a little smaller than your average door in size and fit nicely in a quiet corner of your house. I like the color because it blends in with my wood floors a little more than those stark white wee wee pads that stick out like a sore thumb. I also love that I’m not filling the local landfill with plastic lined potty pads.

Cleaning & Care

I recommend washing these pads separate from your regular laundry. Sometimes I mix in the old rags I use to clean around the house.  I also recommend washing them in hot water with bleach to sanitize them and keep them fresh and clean.

Ease Of Use

I had no problem getting my pups to use them. I just put these where the potty pads used to be and they started using them immediately, just like they had been using the old disposable wee wee pads.

I’m a big fan of the Simple Solution Training and Travel Pads and tell all of my friends who use wee wee pads.

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