National Craft Month: Make A DIY Dog Bed With An Old Toy Box Or Chest [VIDEO]

a green diy dog bed

(Picture Credit: DogTime on Facebook)

March is National Craft Month! It’s a time to get artsy and use our creativity. Of course, our dogs are our greatest source of inspiration, so we might as well try making something just for them!

If you’ve got an old toy box or chest lying around, now is a good time to recycle it. Make it into a fun dog bed where your pooch can get some rest and relaxation.

There’s no need to spend money on a fancy dog bed for your pup when all the supplies you need to make a beautiful and comfy dog bed are probably in your home right now.

Take a look at the video below for a quick guide on how to turn an old box into a new DIY dog bed!

How To Make A DIY Dog Bed

Doesn’t that look like a fun place for pooches to catch a nap?

In case the video went a little too quickly, here are the instructions.

  • 1. For this dog bed we used an old toy box, but you could use a chest, suit case, crate or any other item that works for you.
  • 2. You’ll want to remove the top from the chest or toy box and any hardware sticking out that could get snagged on something or that your dog could bump into.
  • 3. Then you’ll need to sand the box if it’s made of wood so your pups don’t get any splinters.
  • 4. Paint the box your favorite color or use any safe paint you might have left lying around.
  • 5. For this bed we used an old sparkly kid’s shirt to make the curtains, a bathmat for the rug, and an old pillow from the closet for bedding. You can really feel free to get as creative as you want to decorate! Just make sure it’s all dog safe.

Your pooches will love this dog bed that you made all by yourself, and it will look cooler than anything you might find in the store!

Give it a try, and post your results in the comments below!

What other doggy crafts should we try for National Craft Month? Do you make any fun DIY stuff for your dog? Let us know in the comments below!