10 Best Hanukkah Gifts For Your Dog In 2020

best hanukkah gifts for your dog 2018

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Chag Sameach! Hanukkah begins on December 10th and ends on December 18th in 2020. As a loving pet parent, maybe you want to shop for some great Hanukkah gifts for your dog!

Dogs may not know what the holiday is about, but they are aware that celebrations are going on and might enjoy getting in on the action so long as their loving families include them.

If you’d like to include your dog in the Hanukkah gift-giving festivities, here’s a short list of stuff that your pup might like. You can give your dog gifts for all eight nights of the Festival of Lights! Or choose one of the bigger items if you really want to splurge on something nice.

Here are the best Hanukkah gifts for your dog!

1. Bob-A-Lot Interactive Toy

dog food toy

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Give your dog a bit of mental stimulation at meal time with this interactive toy. It’s big enough to fit whole meals so you can challenge your pooch to a fun game while they eat or slow down a pup who devours food too fast.

You can get it on Amazon here!

2. Treat Dispenser Ball

treat dispenser ball

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Another way to let your pup play with their food, this treat dispenser can help your pooch get moving and thinking. It’s easy to roll around and give your dog a steady supply of treats while they stay busy.

You can get it on Amazon here!

3. Dog Toy 6 Pack

dog toy 6 pack

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Why settle for one toy when your dog can have six? These rope toys and squeaker will give you and your pooch plenty to play with until next Hanukkah!

You can get it on Amazon here!

4. Dragon Squeaker Toy

dragon squeaker toy

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If you’re a fan of fantasy or you just want something fun and cute for your dog to play with, take a look at these dragon squeaker toys. They come in lots of different styles so you can pick whichever dragon your pup will like to hunt the most.

You can get it on Amazon here!

5. Training Treats

dog training treats

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If you’ve got a New Year’s Resolution to teach your dog some new tricks, stock up on some training treats. Rewards always make learning a little more fun!

You can get them on Amazon here!

6. A Glowing Collar

glow collar

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Winter walks can get pretty dark with fewer hours of daylight. A glowing collar is a great way to make sure everyone can see your dog. Keep them safe while you’re out for a stroll.

You can get it on Amazon here!

7. Bully Sticks

bully sticks

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Chewing can provide dogs with some mental stimulation, it can strengthen their jaws, and it can help maintain their oral health. Bully sticks are a safe option that won’t splinter when your pup chews them.

You can get them on Amazon here!

8. Plush Animal Squeaker Toys

animal squeaker toys

(Picture Credit: ZippyPaws/Amazon)

If your dog is always barking at the critters outside, give them some indoor woodland friends to play with. These squeaker toys are especially fun for smaller dogs.

You can get them on Amazon here!

9. Squeaker Tennis Balls

dog tennis ball toys

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Some tennis players would rather have their tennis balls free of doggy slobber. If that’s the case for you, get your dog their own set of squeaky tennis balls to chase.

You can get them on Amazon here!

10. Dog Cookies

dog cookies

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Regular treats are fine, but these dog cookies look so delicious that you might have to resist eating them, yourself. Your pup will love them!

You can buy them on Amazon here!

Happy Hanukkah! Please share gift ideas with other dog lovers who might want to celebrate with their pooches!

Are you planning to get gifts for your dog for Hanukkah? What’s the best Hanukkah gift you’ve ever gotten for your pup? Let us know in the comments below!

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